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Why You Should Cater Your Next Private Party

Published February 5th, 2019 by Chef's Catering

When you’re planning a private party, figuring out what you’re doing for food is a huge part of your planning. This is true for almost anyone: novice hosts, occasional hosts, and social butterflies who host parties on the regular. It takes lots of time, focus, and skill to pull off an excellent menu by yourself. If you’re lacking in any of the three, pulling off an awesome event becomes a real challenge.

The solution? You should cater your next private party. Here are three reasons we think this is the best way to go.

Catering Food Saves You Time

Planning and executing a private party menu yourself takes a ton of time. You have to plan the menu, shop for ingredients, and then prepare a handful of dishes (or, if it’s a formal party, an entire meal). And unless you’re a professional chef, you have to prepare them on a much larger scale than you’re accustomed to.

When you entrust your party food to an expert caterer, you spend only a short time discussing menu options with the caterer. No looking up recipes, no shopping for ingredients, no prepping, and—best of all—no kitchen cleanup!

Catering Food Lets You Focus on Your Guests

Sure, catering saves you time, but perhaps you really enjoy showing off your own skills (or your culinary personality) in the kitchen. If saving time isn’t important to you, consider another benefit: catering lets you focus on your guests. Choosing to prepare and serve food yourself means choosing not to spend time with the guests at your party. So even if you enjoy the process, you may miss out on the broader goals of having a party in the first place. You’ll be more available to enjoy family, friends, and colleagues or to build relationships and network.

Catering Food Adds Professionalism and Class

Catering food in for your next party also adds professionalism and class to your event. Let’s illustrate: imagine two similar parties. One offers chip and salsa, veggies on trays, and a few hard-to-identify substances in crock pots. The other offers a professionally arranged spread of restaurant-quality appetizers made with high-quality ingredients and presented with visual flair. Which one is more likely to impress?

At the risk of stating the obvious, most people aren’t highly trained chefs. Most people will struggle to cook even basic dishes well for a crowd larger than 8 or so. Hiring professionals to cater your next party brings professionalism and class to the event that most people can’t provide on their own.

If you're interested in exploring catering your next party or event, contact us today!

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