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When Should I Book My Wedding Caterer?

Published March 7th, 2019 by Chef's Catering

Now that you've put a ring on it (or said "yes"), it's time to start the wedding planning process. Needless to say, but there are a lot of things that go into a successful, memorable wedding day, from deciding on the date and venue to planning a guest list to picking out invitations to taking engagement photos for your save-the-dates. Then, of course, there are the all-important vendors. We're talking about florists, linens, the cake, the musician/DJ, and, perhaps most importantly, the caterer. After all, nothing can enhance or derail your guests' experience on your big day like the quality of the food.

Overwhelmed yet? Don't be discouraged, as your perfect wedding day is well within reach so long as you plan accordingly — and start the planning process early. We'll tackle one important vendor in this post: the caterer.

How Far in Advance Should You Book a Caterer?

So how far out should you be deciding on a caterer? Generally, you should be making this decision at least 10 months out from your wedding date. If you're getting married during an especially busy wedding time, you might even want to decide on a caterer about a year out from your wedding date to ensure the vendor you like most still has availability.

It's important to book far enough in advance for several reasons. One, you need to give yourself ample time to decide on dishes and serving style. A good caterer is a big help in walking you through this process. A wedding meal is typically one of the most formal dinners that your guests will eat. Such meals usually consist of hors d'oeuvres (i.e., appetizers), a salad, a soup, a pasta, a meat, a potato and a vegetable. Then, of course, there are dietary considerations that you'll have to account for, such as vegetarian dishes and gluten-free options. It can be a lot to tackle on your own, especially with everything else that you have to make a decision on, so a good caterer's value can prove immeasurable in helping couples through everything.

A good caterer won't just provide custom options and help you through the meal planning process, but they'll also offer you peace of mind that one of the most important aspects of your wedding is properly taken care of.

And the best part of hiring a caterer? That's probably when you get to taste test the meal you've selected prior to your big day.

Keep in mind that you'll only need a caterer if the venue you've selected to host the reception doesn't serve food. And that's where we can help. For more information on our catering services, contact us today.

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