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The Stunning Appeal of Park Weddings and Why You Should Book Yours Today

Published March 29th, 2020 by Chef's Catering

It's difficult to find a more beautiful setting than a state or local park. Even the smaller parks in your city likely boast bountiful shade trees, sweeping stretches of luxurious grass, and the best professional landscaping that municipal funds can buy. It's what makes park weddings so spectacular.

And then there's the cost of the permit, which is often free or low-cost for wedding ceremonies.These perks combine to make your favorite park a top contender for your dream wedding venue. There's likely to be little competition for the date, and your creativity can flow endlessly when it's not confined to four walls. If you haven't yet chosen the location for the ceremony of your dreams, consider holding it in a beautifully landscaped park. Here's why:

You'll Save Time and Money on the Backdrop of Your Park Wedding

Mother Nature is the best decorator, and when you hold your wedding in a park, surrounded by manicured lawns and well-sculpted shrubs, you'll need little else in the way of decor. Color-coordinated bows on your chairs, a pretty carpet that leads to the pulpit, and flower arrangements spaced evenly apart at the ends of the rows of seating are simple to achieve. Let nature provide the stunning backdrop.

A Park Wedding Offers Endless Photo Ops

Many parks offer fountains, gazebos, or flowering shrubs that provide endless opportunities for keepsake wedding photos. Freeze your most important moment in time surrounded by the sweet smell and pretty blossoms of wild honeysuckle, wysteria, or azalea without having to pay extra. It's the best part about a park wedding. Or, if you crave a unique setting that features historic stone architecture, old iron fences, or more, a park wedding fits the bill.

Your Park Wedding Will Be Easy on Your Vendors

Caterers, photographers, and live bands have plenty of room to stretch out and accommodate your guests when there are no walls to interfere. When your wedding takes place in a park, everyone is more relaxed and affable, from the crew who's setting up your chairs to the committee that's cleaning up afterward.

When you're ready to discuss your park wedding, Chef's Catering in Rochester, NY is happy to help. We offer food that's customized to fit your individual taste and personality, and we specialize in convenience. We know that planning the perfect park wedding can be stressful. That's why we're willing to help by recommending quality servers, bartenders, and more. Let Chef's Catering take charge of your wedding menu so you can enjoy the stunning, worry-free park wedding of your dreams. Contact us today.

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