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Social Distancing Party and Catering Ideas

Published August 25th, 2020 by Chef's Catering

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone. As the pandemic continues to wear on, there are many people who are looking for ways to spend time with family members and friends as businesses start to reopen; however, it is important to do so responsibly. When it comes to social distancing party and catering ideas, there are a few important points to keep in mind.

Abide by the Guidelines 

First, anyone who is throwing a party needs to make sure they abide by the relevant guidelines. Some of the key points to keep in mind include:

  • Make sure that all guests who show up to the party wear masks. Because some people are likely to forget to wear a mask, try to have extra masks available and encourage guests to wear them.
  • Ensure there are plenty of hand sanitizer bottles in the area. Encourage guests to sanitize their hands regularly, particularly before eating food.
  • If possible, try to host the event outside. This will make it easier for people to stand six feet apart from each other.

After following the guidelines, there are a few great party and catering ideas to note as well!

Drop-Off Catering

One possible party idea is to have drop-off catering. If the food does not have to be prepared on-site, then this makes it easier for people to stand six feet apart from each other. Instead of the food being prepared and served from the stove or the oven, the food can actually be dropped off outside. Some of the other add-ons to note with drop-off catering include:

  • There will be wire rack chaffers with sternos that will help keep the meals warm
    • Disposable silverware can be included to reduce the chances of people touching someone else’s utensils
      • If desired, professional servers and bartenders can be hired to serve the food safely

      For these reasons, drop-off catering is a great social distancing party idea.

      Use Stationed Appetizers

      Another great way to ensure that parties can be held safely is to use stationed appetizers. These are small bites that are great for cocktail parties. They will provide party guests with something to munch on without requiring them to be bunched together in a buffet line. Furthermore, many stationed appetizers are served using toothpicks, ensuring that people do not have to touch serving utensils. This is another great way to keep party guests safe.

      Contact Chef’s Catering in Rochester, NY for More Party Ideas!

      These are just a few of the great ways that you can still throw a great party even during the era of social distancing. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with your next party, then contact Chef’s Catering today! We would be happy to assist you!

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