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Rochester Wedding Venue Spotlight: Cracker Factory

Published October 13th, 2019 by Chef's Catering

Industrial venues have become increasingly popular for destination wedding sites in recent years, mostly because of the eclectic environment they provide along with massive amounts of space. Old mills, factories, and warehouses in all parts of the country have been renovated to create optimal spaces of celebratory occasions. 

Like all great wedding venues, The Cracker Factory also serves as a great community resource. Besides weddings, the venue hosts concerts, art shows, fundraisers, and other festive celebrations such as birthday, graduation, and anniversary parties, It's got three stories, and each one has its own unique ambiance. You can hold an intimate rehearsal dinner on the third floor, for instance, and schedule the main event for the 6,000 square foot second floor. 

Here's what Cracker Factory has to offer:

Abundant Natural Light

Like most old-school factory buildings, The Cracker Factory features numerous almost floor-to-ceiling windows that completely fill the space with natural light. This makes it ideal for those who planning daytime weddings. However, if you're thinking of meeting your beloved at the altar after the sun goes down, you can choose to illuminate the room with a large array of small lights that flood the room with warmth.

Original Hardwood Floors

These factory floors were installed over a century ago using the heartwood of old-growth timber, and they've developed a character and patina over the years that can't be matched by today's flooring options. The floor's glossy simplicity is highlighted by the original whitewashed columns and the overhead wood trusses.

A Full Kitchen and Bar

The second-floor gallery space also features a full caterer's kitchen and bar, ensuring that your wedding feast can be prepared onsite rather than cooked at another location and transported to your celebratory venue via caterer's truck. You also won't have to make do with a portable bar — at The Cracker Factory, the service staff you hire to prepare and serve festive refreshments will be working with the real thing.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at your convenience if you'd like more information on exchanging your views in this unique and stunning environment. We'd love to help you on your big day and be the caterer of your dreams!

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