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Prepared Meals Don’t Have To Be Boring

Published April 29th, 2020 by Chef's Catering

The past few months have seen a major shift in how people shop, cook food, and prepare meals. We know that many people are trying to stay inside as much as possible. They might not even want to go to the grocery store, where they would be exposed to numerous people.

This is where prepared meals can be helpful. We know that this conjures up images of people pulling something out of the freezer and throwing it into the oven or microwave; however, this does not mean that prepared meals have to be boring! There are a few ways that prepared meals can be made a bit more exciting.

Meals Prepared by Chefs

One of the options is to go with prepared meals that have been put together by chefs instead of pulling something out of the freezer section from the grocery store. For example, how does a fish taco bowl sound? Or what about the delicious, savory flavors that come with pulled pork?

Of course, no meal is going to be complete without dessert! A prepared meal should mean everything from appetizers to dessert! A bag of fresh cannoli cream with mini shells and sprinkles can go a long way toward lifting someone’s mood during a challenging pandemic. 

Remember that not all prepared meals are the same! Some of them are put together by chefs!

Prepared Meals from Food Trucks

Another way to eat during the era of social distancing is to think about food trucks! Those who want to enjoy the space of the outdoors as they enjoy a prepared meal should think about some of the offerings provided by food trucks.

With everything from chicken fingers to split custom sliders and even pulled pork, there are plenty of food truck options that will fit almost anyone’s tastes. Prepared meals come in all shapes and forms. This includes meals that come from food trucks.

Even Seafood is an Option

Finally, those who are looking for something a little bit different should know that seafood is available as well! Every Friday, we cook up a Haddock fish fry that is served with coleslaw, fries, and chips. Those who are trying to switch it up a little bit should know that we have fish available as well!

Rely on Chef’s Catering in Rochester, NY

Prepared meals can be as interesting as people make them! That is why we have taken our creativity to new heights!. At Chef’s Catering, our prepared meals have been created with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that you are going to taste something that you will love. Contact us today to place an order! They are available now fro our website!


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