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Picnic-Style Wedding Catering

Published April 5th, 2020 by Chef's Catering

For brides-to-be in Rochester, NY, park weddings are a beautifully viable option. From St. Joseph's Park, with it's picturesque stone ruins, to Highland Park, with it's lilac arches and sunken garden, outdoor weddings in Rochester are a popular choice. And what better to go with an outdoor wedding than picnic-style wedding catering?

What Is Picnic-Style Wedding Catering?

Picnic-style caters to the bride and groom who love nature, who embrace adventure, and who care more for comfort and convenience than they do formal table settings. But this doesn't mean an informally catered wedding can't still be stunning. Whether you're interested in seating guests on colorful blankets in the grass, or you opt for tables covered in gingham goodness, guests are sure to enjoy the casualness of it all.

Picnic-Style Catering is typically fun and informal. It includes picnic-inspired foods such as:

  • Flatbread and cured meats

  • Wraps and petite sandwiches

  • Pie

  • Macaroni and cheese

  • Braised pork

  • Artisan rolls

There's nothing more fun than providing guests with picnic baskets and letting them choose their contents from the buffet table. Or, maybe you'd rather have baskets packed ahead of time and placed on pretty tables covered in cheery cloths. Regardless, the guests at a picnic wedding are sure to have a rollicking good time.

When Planning a Picnic-Style Wedding

Points to remember include planning for inclement weather. You may want to place tables or blankets beneath a shelter such as a pavilion in the event of rain. You should also plan to provide comfortable seating for older or handicapped guests who may not be comfortable sitting on the ground or situating themselves a picnic table. Plan your catering and seating away from busy park areas where people frequently play frisbee or football, and communicate your vision with your caterer, so you're both on the same page when it comes to the comforting picnic foods you envision.

Call Chef's Catering Today

When you're ready to plan your outdoor wedding, call Chef's Catering in Rochester right away. We specialize in accommodating your vision of a dream wedding, from casual to formal and everywhere in between, including picnic-style catering. Imagine the delight of your wedding guests as they discover our many offerings:

  • Stationed hors d'oeuvres

  • Sweets tables

  • Family-style dinners

  • Stunning buffets

  • Pretty party platters

  • Carving stations

Our delightful foods, coupled with your picnic decor, will be the envy of everyone who attends.

For nearly a decade, Chef's Catering has delighted clients by providing delicious, perfectly prepared wedding foods. We don't just cater weddings, we build relationships. Call us right away to book your date, and we'll do all we can to make your dream wedding even more memorable. Serving clients in the Rochester, Ithaca, Uttica, and Hamburg areas.

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