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Local Catering Venue Spotlight: Genesee Country Village & Museum

Published May 31st, 2020 by Chef's Catering

When you are looking for a place to hold your wedding, one of the most important factors is the location. While there are plenty of options from which to choose, you need to take the time to get this decision right. One of the most popular locations for weddings is the Genesee Country Village & Museum. There are a few major benefits of this venue that everyone should note.

The Theme

Genesee Country Village & Museum provides a unique wedding opportunity that simply has no comparison. This is a 19thcentury village that provides stunning outdoor views set to the backdrop of historic churches that will make your wedding one to remember. When it comes to your reception, you have the option to hold it either in a classic banquet center or a rustic barn, allowing you to tailor this location to meet your needs. Genesee Country Village & Museum even provides a personal rental services manager who will make sure that all of your needs are met.

Options for the Ceremony

When it comes to planning your ceremony at the Genesee Country Village & Museum, there are several options. Some of the most popular include:

  • The Brooks Grove Church, which is a Greek Revival church that went up in 1844 and overlooks the Village Square and can seat up to 175 people

  • The Brooks Grove Courtyard, which will have the church as its backdrop and can seat up to 250 people

  • St. Feehan’s Church, which was built in 154, seats 125 people, and is known for the hand-crafted woodwork which adorns the interior

  • The Livingston-Backus House, which was built in the early 1800s and provides a beautiful backdrop featuring a dramatic walkway, a white picket fence, and even a pergola

In addition to these buildings, Genesee Country Village & Museum also provides orchards, gardens, and other locations to complete the wedding ceremony.

The Reception

The Genesee Country Village & Museum also provides numerous options for receptions. These include:

  • The Exhibition Barn, which features a high, vaulted, barn ceiling with a natural wood interior, holding 250 people

  • The Carriage Barn, which features carriages hung around the room, twinkling lights, and can hold up to 150 people

  • The Banquet Center, which is a formal reception in the outdoors (covered) that can accommodate up to 200 people with tables and chairs

There are numerous options when it comes to receptions at the Genesee Country Village & Museum!

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