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How Do I Find A Wedding Caterer?

Published February 25th, 2019 by Chef's Catering

One of the most important parts of planning your wedding is finding the right wedding caterer. The wedding caterer is central to the overall success of your wedding celebration. The wedding caterer you choose will likely provide the food for your pre-wedding lunch or supper as well as the food that’s served at your wedding reception. So how exactly do you go about finding a wedding caterer?

1. Start as Soon as Possible

The best wedding caterers get booked very quickly, so the earlier you start your search for a wedding caterer, the more likely they’ll be available when you need. In fact, once you have a date set, the first thing you should do is find a wedding caterer for the event.

2. Ask Married Friends

If you have some friends who were married recently and you enjoyed their wedding food, you might ask which caterer they used. This is a great way to find a caterer that you’ve already had some personal experience with.

3. Ask Venues For Referrals

If you’ve decided upon your wedding venue, they may have a wedding caterer referral to offer you. Venue referrals are valuable because they have a reputation to uphold. They won’t give out any referrals for caterers unless that caterer is a reputable and quality service provider.

4. Research Online for Local Caterers

Conduct a search online for local caterers by typing in the relevant zip code and wedding caterers. You’ll likely get many results, so you’ll need to sift through and see which ones have the best online reviews. This will give you a short list you can use to narrow down your selection.

5. Review Menu Styles

Next, review menu styles of the various wedding catering companies. You’ll be surprised at the diversity of cuisines offered. Further narrow down your choices to about five that offer food that you feel will complement your wedding theme.

6 .Call the Caterers

Call the handful of caterers on your shortlist and ask a few questions The first question of course should be whether they’re available on your date. Next, ask about their catering style and services. During this conversation you can have the opportunity to see if you have a good rapport with the caterer. It’s essential to know that you’re being heard and that the caterer is receptive to your needs.

7. Sample the Menu

The final step in finding a wedding caterer for the biggest day of your life is to visit them and sample several of their menu items. Evaluate presentation as well as taste.
Once you’ve taken all these steps you can make sure that you’ve found the best wedding caterer for your needs. For information about our wedding catering services, please contact us today.

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