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Farm to Table Wedding Catering in Rochester, NY

Published October 4th, 2019 by Chef's Catering

One of the newest trends in American weddings is farm to table catering for the reception. Whether your plans for your wedding include a rustic, "down on the farm" feeling or an over-the-top elegance, Chef's Catering can provide farm to table wedding catering in the Rochester, NY area that will make your reception an event to remember. The key to the farm to table reception is our locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.

Why Farm-to-Table Wedding Catering?

Farm to table wedding receptions are increasingly popular as more couples opt for a healthy meal for their guests. Processed foods or frozen foods that have been shipped across the country just aren't the same. A farm to table wedding reception meal is like a fresh, home-cooked meal that will give your guests a feeling of nostalgia for the days when none of us relied on processed foods. A farm to table meal also uses less sugar, fat and sodium in the ingredients. 

Another reason why the farm to table movement is catching on at weddings is because it is environmentally friendly. A lot of local growers are certified organic producers. Because the ingredients haven't gone through a lengthy shipping and storage process, the foods also taste fresher. 

Finally, farm to table weddings are a great way to support local businesses. Our farm to table weddings feature produce from local growers in the Rochester, NY area. Some of the people who grew the food for your wedding might even be a neighbor of yours who comes to the reception. 

Chef's Catering for Farm to Table Wedding Catering

Chef's Catering can work with you to create a custom farm to table wedding reception or rehearsal dinner. Check out a sample catered wedding menu for an idea to get you started. Call us at 585-752-2149 to get the process of planning your farm to table wedding in Rochester, NY today.

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