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3 Alternatives to Rustic Farm Weddings

Published October 24th, 2019 by Chef's Catering

One of the most popular trends in weddings right now is the rustic farm get-together. Yes, this is a great way to throw a big party for some people; however, others might not like the feel of a rustic farm. In addition, it is important for people to come up with a rain plan, which can be challenging on a farm. Therefore, there are a few key alternatives that people can think about when it comes to planning a wedding. If the rustic farm option isn't the right choice, what are some of the other options?

The Dream Theme

One of the classic alternatives to the rustic theme is the dream theme. The dream theme has always been a popular option for couples who get married during the summer; however, it doesn’t have many of the rustic elements that people may consider to be cliché. Some of the key facets of a dream theme are glittering lights, glowing candles, a beautiful natural garden, and a wedding underneath the stars. Many people even decide to hang lanterns from the trees; however, be sure to pay close attention to the forecast for the wedding night as well.

The Global Traveling Theme

There are many people who like to spend their free time traveling the world. If this is important to the happy couple, it is a good idea to make this the wedding theme. The invitations can be customized to look like maps to certain destinations (but, of course, have the proper address) and the centerpieces can look like different places from all over the world as well. Some of the other options to consider include globes, maps, old suitcases, and other items that are relevant to the world of traveling. This is a fantastic theme for those who love to travel.

The Industrial Wedding Theme

Anyone who is looking for the stark opposite of the rustic wedding should think about making a chic, industrial wedding. This is great for those who love the city and the urban setting. Take a look at the elements of the venue which might include brick, pipes, and cool industrial lights that set the mood. Then, seize on these elements to make a beautiful event. Think about setting up some mechanical pieces and vintage gears that can be found at the antique shop. Then, pair these with some crisp geometric elements. This will bring the entire venue together.

Selecting the Right Wedding Venue and Theme

It is important for everyone to think about the venue and theme they're looking for to meet their needs. While the rustic farm option might work for some people, it isn't for everyone. That is perfectly fine! There are plenty of alternatives to the rustic farm wedding that couples can enjoy as well.

Whether you're having a barn wedding or a wedding in general, Chef's Catering would love to help you cater your big day. Whether you know what you want or don't know where to start, reach out to us today!

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