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Why Now’s the Time to Support Local Businesses

Published June 5th, 2020 by Chef's Catering

We are going through some challenging times. A lot is happening in society that is putting a tremendous amount of stress on individuals, families, and local businesses. Now, it is more important than ever to support local businesses. There are a few big reasons why supporting small businesses is more important now than ever before.

Local Businesses Are Operated by Friends and Family Members

Local businesses in your community are operated by your neighbors. They are your friends and family members. They represent pillars in your community. Local businesses are more likely to lend their support to other local businesses. These include your service providers, farms, banks, retail stores, and more. Therefore, by supporting your neighbors, as well as their local business, that small effort will create a ripple effect that will benefit your entire community.

Small, Local Businesses Create Jobs in the Community

Right now, there are millions of people who are actively looking for work. The people who truly create jobs that employ others are local businesses. During the past 17 years, small businesses have accounted for close to two-thirds of all new jobs that have come open. Therefore, supporting a local business means supporting your neighbors who work there as well. This helps them maintain their jobs, allowing them to provide for their families.

Local Businesses Invest in the Local Community

Local businesses are also more likely to take the revenue from their business and invest it back in the local community. Independent retailers are more likely to give to local charities, partner with other small businesses, and go out of their way to make a positive impact on the community that has supported them. This symbiotic relationship is essential.

Local Businesses Will Help You When You Need It

When compared to large corporations, local businesses are more likely to see you as a person rather than as a customer. Local business owners are far more likely to listen to you during your time of need, troubleshoot your problems with you, and find ways to provide assistance. You want to spend your money at a business that is flexible enough to help you during your time of need. For all of these reasons, now is the time to support local businesses.

Rely on the Professionals at Chef’s Catering in Rochester, NY

At Chef’s Catering, we know that so many individuals and families have fallen on hard times. We are here to provide assistance. We are a local business that cares deeply for the community that has supported our services. We are actively looking for ways to give back as well. Contact us today for professional, locally-operated wedding catering services!

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