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What Is Included In A Wedding Catering Package?

Published March 18th, 2019 by Chef's Catering

Weddings caterers frequently provide all-inclusive packages for their clients. These packages are designed to facilitate the wedding planning process. Wedding packages also serve to integrate services so there is a cohesive unity to the theme of the catering services. Otherwise, there’s a strong likelihood that many of the components of the catering aspect wouldn’t go well together. When you choose your wedding caterer, be sure to ask about their available catering packages. You can then look for some of the most commonly offered components mentioned below.


The primary ingredient included in a wedding catering package is the food. Your cost includes all of the food served at any events your wedding caterer is serving, such as the pre-wedding brunch and the reception appetizers and dinner. Depending on the caterer, the food may be served tableside or buffet-style. This is something you can discuss ahead of time with your caterer so you’ll know how everything will play out.


Depending on the wedding caterer you choose, the wedding package may include hard and soft beverages. For hard beverages, the caterer may subcontract out a bartender or they may provide this service directly. Soft beverages would be available at a bar or on a separate buffet table or served to guests at the table.


Staff will be provided as part of your wedding package. The staff will most often work directly for the catering company. They will perform all the duties relevant to food and beverage services. This would include setting up, serving, tending bar, refilling, clearing tables and cleaning up. The staff will be uniformed and professional in appearance and demeanor.


A comprehensive wedding catering package will likely include furnishings. This would include things like tables and chairs, plates, serve ware, glasses and utensils. Depending on your wedding caterer, it may even include decorative décor such as centerpieces and table lighting in the form of luminaries or candles.

Ancillary Services

A wedding catering package may also include ancillary services such as cake cutting assistance, champagne fountain assistance, corkage fees and more. These services can come very much in handy, so it’s worth it to find a wedding caterer that offers them as part of their wedding catering package.

Finally, most wedding caterers will offer a variety of packages since no two weddings are exactly alike. Recognizing the need for customization and having a personalized experience, wedding caterers are likely to provide a way to add or remove wedding catering package items as needed. Your final cost will depend on which services you choose to use; you won’t have to pay for package services you don’t need. For information about wedding catering services, please contact us.

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