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What drinks to serve at a wedding?

Published April 6th, 2019 by Chef's Catering

Wedding guests can forgive a poor speech from the best man, and a DJ stuck in the 1970s, but you will rarely get off the hook with a poor drink assortment or mediocre food. As such, besides wedding catering, you need to put some thought into your drinks line up, taking into account the wide array of preferences.

Here are five drinks you should serve at your wedding:

Wine to pair your cuisine

Wine has been served on weddings for centuries, and it hasn’t lost its charm just yet. Choosing your wine is pretty straightforward. Why so? The food and the season will determine the grape varietal you will go for. Pick labels that will pair well with the food at the wedding. For example for roast and steak, you can go for Merlot or Syrah. For chicken and pork, you can try crisp dry apple cider or Sauvignon Blanc. In a nutshell, offer red or whites that complement what’s on the menu.


Cocktails are really where the magic happens. With cocktails, you can express yourself through ingredients and set the mood of the wedding. Also, cocktails are easy to prepare, and you can accommodate multiple tastes and preferences depending on the ingredients you choose.


Beer is thought to be more on the casual side compared to wine. People associate beer with fun memories, and long, candid talks. Serving beer at your wedding reminds your guests of these memories, and they will unconsciously associate them with your wedding in the future.

For beer you can go for the categories below:

  • Lager- Most people prefer lager, so be sure to have plenty of it.
  • Dark beer- Dark beer such as Guinness is a classic crowd pleaser. However, you can also go local and purchase a brand from a nearby brewery.

Pro tip: Keep beer on ice in a giant cooler where it's easy to grab and go.


When it comes to spirits, do not serve them until later on when the speeches are done, and everyone is relaxed. Serve spirits from different parts of the world to offer your guest a different experience to what they are used to.

Pro tip: Take your guests’ spirit experience to a new level by having a dedicated spirit table with a world map that shows the geographical origins of the spirits.

Non-alcoholic drinks

Non-alcoholic drinks are probably the easiest to plan for. Go for a few liters of soda and fresh juice. Also, be sure to include some sparkling water, and fruit-flavored vinegar.

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