Chef's Catering Consolidation Plan - August 2017

We at Chef’s are extremely excited to announce another stepping stone in the growth of our company.  Over the next several weeks and months, we will be consolidating our operations at our new headquarters.  We will be transitioning to a new location at 1273 Chili Ave., the current location of the Quality Inn off Rt. 390.  Although, we will not be affiliated with this Quality Inn, we will be taking over the entire foodservice area and other space including parking for our fleet of food trucks.


In order to meet the ongoing demands of our current clients and followers as well as building new relationships, our family decided that this relocation and consolidation would be key to the success of all the divisions of our company.


As some may know we started as a small family run catering business, but over the course of five short years we have expanded exponentially, adding multiple food trucks, delivery vehicles and a fully operational bakery and storefront that produced everything from sandwiches paninis to fresh baked Italian bread and multi-tier wedding cakes.


Since we have found a location that suits the demands of our multifaceted business, Chef’s Catering is excited to be doubling down and joining forces with our sister company, Chef’s Kitchen and Bakery, at our new location.  We are extremely confident that this will enhance the progression of our business model as we meet the growing needs of our clients and customers.


We feel an obligation to our friends, family and loyal followers to announce our exciting news and to reassure all of our current and future customers that this transition will in no way affect our services to you!  Our full bakery menu is still available as well as all of our catering and food truck services.  The only difference will be as of August 25th we will no longer be accepting walk-in business.  Orders by phone or email for either bakery goods or catering services will be accepted.  Please call (585)752-2149 or email for any and all of your needs.


As we move through these next several months we will continue to keep you posted on our progress via our website (, Facebook page and Instagram.  Please feel free to like us on Facebook (Chef’s Catering) or friend us on Instagram (chefs_catering).


As always, we are so very grateful for the support we have received and continue to receive from you all!  Here’s to the next step in our journey!


Thank You,


Chef’s Team